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400g coffee envelope.


Deimos is an excellent Honduran coffee made for espresso lovers. It is roasted to give the best results with your automatic coffee machine.


Specialty coffee


Green coffee certifications: Fair Trade - Organic

Aroma: Chocolate - Nuts

Taste : Dark chocolate, citrus, caramel

Body :Textured and soft

Treatment : Wash

Altitude harvest : 1300 to 1500 meters


Deimos is cultivated byCafes Especiales Corquin (CAFESCOR), a group of growers founded in 2012 seeking to establish sustainable means of production. The high harvest altitudes, combined with adequate rainfall and ideal temperatures create the best microclimate for growing sweet, dense cherries.


It is a smooth and very balanced coffee with notes of dark chocolate, nuts and caramel. It has a very slight acidity, a gentle bitterness and goes perfectly with milk drinks.


Deimos is designed and roasted to be prepared in the Italian coffee maker, automatic coffee machine and espresso machine.

Deimos - Honduras Copàn


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