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400g coffee envelope, keeping shipping costs to a minimum.


Hyperion is a light, floral coffee and a perfect combination with gentle methods like filter coffee.


Specialty coffee

Score :85.5

Green coffee certifications: Organic

Aroma: Floral, citrus

Taste : Berries, Cocoa

Body : Light and elegant

Treatment : Washed and dried

Altitude harvest : 1900 to 2200 meters


Hyperion has its origins in Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia. it is exported by Boledu, a coffee company founded in 2018 that supplies coffee directly from washing stations, rather than buying from the Ethiopian Coffee Exchange. They focus on quality by training farmers before harvest and have a quality supervisor at the washing stations to ensure the quality of the cherry harvest.


It is a harmonious and floral coffee with aromas of berries, citrus and cocoa. As it is lighter roasted, it retains a pleasant acidity and a fine body.


Hyperion is designed and roasted for gentle methods like filter coffee and Aeropress. It is also delicious in espresso with a sieve machine.

Hyperion - Ethiopia Yirgacheffe


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