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Our suggestion for a manual coffee grinder with excellent value for money. Grinding your coffee considerably improves the taste in the cup and the experience of your Italian coffee maker, filter coffee and any other favorite method!

The Timemore C2 is a great little grinder, solidly constructed from metal with a removable handle to be as compact as possible. The grind size is adjustable (from espresso to French press) from below.

Timemore C2 Max Manual Coffee Grinder

  • The package contains the mill, a cleaning brush and a fabric pouch.

    All models are in black.

    In the limit of the available stock.

    Technical data :

    38mm conical steel grinding wheels

    Net weight of 430g

    Dimensions: mill 147mm by 52mm and handle 159mm


    The Timemore C2 works with a strainer espresso machine, but is not ideal.

    We instead recommend a more advanced manual grinder like the Commandante C40, the Kinu M47, or the 1zpresso J-max.

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