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400g coffee envelope, keeping shipping costs to a minimum.


Sirius is a coffee from Honduras on which a layer of plum and oak smoke is deposited. Delicate in taste and powerful in aroma, this layer increases its intensity and complexity significantly.


Specialty coffee

Green coffee certifications : Fair Trade - Organic

Aroma : Chocolate, smoke, slightly fruity

Taste : Nuts, maple syrup, chocolate

Body : Textured, syrupy

Treatment : Wash

Harvest altitude : 1300 to 1500 meters


Our recommended preparations for Sirius are the automatic coffee machine, Italian coffee maker and espresso machine.


After much experimentation with different woods, methods, ratios and tastings, we have determined which blend of woods gives the best results: Plum provides a slight sweetness and delicate aftertaste, compared to oak which is much more intense and produces a woody and smoky aftertaste.

Sirius - Oak and plum smoked coffee


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