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Specialty coffee micro-roasters

Discover our new coffee envelopes!

Our envelopes are designed to the size of a large letter, to allow you to receive your coffee at a lower cost! Shipping costs are included in the prices displayed.

Visit our store!

 Discover our specialty coffees, always freshly roasted with care, for the best possible cup quality.

Solutions for professional customers

Would you like to have great tasty coffee in your office, workshop, living room or other?

Contact us! We offer simple and advantageous coffee solutions, whether you want to use your existing machine or install a new one.

Our history

We are Rémi and Franck, two coffee enthusiasts from Fribourg who discovered their passion and addiction to coffee during their chemical engineering studies.

Our journey began after getting tired of capsule coffee and discovering the different types of preparation as well as specialty coffee.

After a few more years of exploring the world of coffee, we discovered an immense universe of flavor and terroir that is unfortunately little known.

The reason why we decided to launch our own production is to share this coffee culture and add our vision to it.

Our name, Orbital, is a nod to our two other passions: chemistry and astronomy.


Our goal is to offer coffees from sustainable and ethical trade while offering original tastes and aromas for coffee lovers looking for new experiences.

To this end, we have created two lines of coffees that stand out from our classic line:

Our ephemeral coffees, for which we source a small stock from different innovative producers for each iteration and in limited quantities.

And our experimental coffees, where we play with infusions and other techniques to add other flavors that aren't normally present in coffee beans.

With our chemical engineering background, we are able to control the roasting process in a very precise and repeatable way, allowing us to offer an artisanal experience with industrial mastery.

It is important to us to source products grown in the most ethical, sustainable and traceable way possible. This is why you will always find all the information on the origin and particularities of our coffees on their individual pages. For more information, please do not hesitate to write to us !

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