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Discover our first ephemeral coffee! It comes from the farm Capim Branco, in Carmo do Paranaiba in Brazil. This coffee is “natural” processed, which gives it a multitude of fruity, fermented aromas with a soft and creamy body.


Specialty coffee

Points: 83

Aroma: Orange, nuts

Taste : Hazelnut, honey

Body :creamy and soft

Treatment : Natural

Altitude harvest : 1100 to 1200 meters


With the aim of producing high quality coffees, the new generation of the Andrade family established their farms in this region during the 70s. This region offers ideal conditions for coffee cultivation due to its perfect balance between wet and dry seasons and its altitude.

This coffee has been “natural” processed, meaning that the pulp of the coffee cherry has been fermented on the bean. This process gives it a multitude of fruity, fermented aromas and a soft and pleasant body.


Our pop-up coffee line features coffees we find interesting that will only be available temporarily. The concept is to only have a small stock of each coffee, in order to offer variety.

When the stock of a coffee is exhausted, it is replaced by another, thus making it possible to regularly offer new flavors and discover new producers. This concept also makes it possible to highlight rare and different coffees, and to raise awareness among our customers of the different origins and methods of coffee production.


Our recommended preparation methods are the espresso machine, filter coffee, and aeropress.

Brasil - Carmo do Paranaiba

PriceFrom CHF10.00

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